Licensed Creative Arts Therapist
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Art Therapy

Mixed media collage

Mixed media collage

Art therapy

What is Art Therapy and how can it be used?

Art therapy is a specialized mental health and human services profession that incorporates creativity, play and art making into the therapeutic experience.  *No prior experience or skills with art making are necessary to benefit from this process. Art Therapy provides a positive way to express yourself and is used to address a range of issues, including but not limited to: Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Illness
, Trouble sleeping/Nightmares, Coping Skills, Grief, Aggressive behaviors, Trauma
, Life changes, Body image, Social Skills building and Personal Well-being.

Art therapy provides opportunities to explore behaviors, emotions, experiences and our relationships to one another. 

I specialize in providing creative art therapy services to children, adolescents and adults by supporting individuals and families as they discover their own strength and resilience. I am dedicated to helping my clients discover their own unique voice.

who are art therapists?

According to the American Art Therapy Association, “Art therapists are professionals trained in both art and therapy. They are knowledgeable about human development, psychological theories, clinical practice, spiritual, multicultural and artistic traditions, and the healing potential of art. They use art in treatment, assessment and research, and provide consultations to allied professionals. Art therapists work with people of all ages: individuals, couples, families, groups and communities."

Art methods and materials

Art materials used in an art therapy session can include Painting, Drawing, Mask Making, Sculpture, Sewing, 
Sand Tray and Collage. The choice of materials are based on the individual clients needs, interests and comfort level.

No client artwork is displayed on this website.

No client artwork is displayed on this website.