Licensed Creative Arts Therapist
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There are various ways in which art therapy may be a beneficial direction to address your needs. Below are some ways in which we can help in supporting you.

General Services: Children, Adolescents and Adults

Individual Art Therapy
These 50-minute sessions provide an opportunity to meet one-on-one within a confidential therapeutic setting. We will be able to discuss what issues have prompted you to seek therapy and explore how we can address your needs.

Sibling Therapy Sessions
Sibling therapy aims to focus on the relationship and presenting issues between siblings. These sessions can provide children with a space to explore conflict resolution and problem solve through the creative process. Siblings may work towards reducing tension and strengthening their relationship with one another.

Family Therapy
Family Therapy can be helpful in assisting family members while processing life events --both past and present. The therapeutic setting provides an environment where all individuals present are given equal opportunity to be seen and heard. Art making can be instrumental in this process as it encourages creative engagement and provides a nonverbal method to communicate. This can be especially helpful for children in the family and adult members who are less comfortable expressing their thoughts verbally.

Art Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Children may find it difficult at times to communicate and express themselves verbally. This is especially true when they are experiencing anxiety, fears and environmental stressors. The integration of art making into the therapeutic process can assist in building a trusting relationship by offering a form of communication that is expressive and nonverbal. They are given the opportunity to make a statement, voice their opinions and release emotions through play and imagery. Because children 
are naturally creative, they may be more inclined to share their needs and experiences with adults through this 
non-threatening and accessible method of therapy. I specialize in assisting with issues related to Self-Esteem, Eating Disorders, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, and Self-Injurious Behaviors

Art Therapy and Eating Disorders

The integration of Art therapy as part of the recovery process for those suffering with eating disorders can be a valuable resource as it provides individuals with the opportunity to express themselves through a healing and creative outlet.  The art making process can often promote more positive coping mechanisms and is effective in exploring various issues related to body image, trauma and maladaptive behaviors.

specialized individual therapy for mothers

Becoming a mother is a life changing experience. This is a very unique time for each individual. It can be filled with excitement and joy, as well as anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. These individual therapy session are designed to provide women with an opportunity to express their feelings in a safe and nonjudgemental space while exploring art making methods. Infants and lap babies are always welcome. 

session Fee

An initial in-person consultation is free of charge. A Sliding scale is available for clients experiencing financial difficulty and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please call or email to discuss hourly rates.